Thursday, June 19, 2014

Nature's surprise

Morning comes & morning goes, even if it's a birthday morning.'s my birthday & I don't feel any different. well at least I try to don't feel any different & just let 17th july be any other date on the calendar. but it's not working. I stayed 1 minute longer in my bed today. guess there's still some hope. 
 Since I can remember I never had a birthday party,born & brought up in a house where birthdays were a no big deal or even a deal. it was embarrassing to go remind someone that it was my birthday only to get no response in return. my phones never got crashed because of birthday SMSs or calls at 12:00 am, never experienced the sweet pain of birthday bumps, never received any gifts or greeting cards, never got the cake smudged up on my face or ever wished upon the birthday candle. these sweet moments are absent in my life. 
After all these 20 years I think I should give up that hope. but something or the other never makes me forget that its not like any other day. contrary to my hopes, the weather news is reporting that the heat wave will continue.a tiring & sweating day at work. nothing special there. 
While returning from the expected day at work the clock tower's bell caught my attention. it said 5:00 pm. instantly my mind calculated the hours left for my birthday to get over & with it the miserable feeling I was having all day. now I can officially sum up this day as a "no special" day. the sun was blazing  & was throwing it's powerful rays as a spotlight. all of a sudden the clouds out of nowhere started to cover up the sky. the air became cooler & the leaves of the trees which were idle all this while started fluttering in the breeze. 
I remember when I was a kid I went up to this hill. I was sad that day. it was one of my birthdays. I laid on the grass & looked upon the clouds. I looked at them really hard & soon I saw a baby,a cat & Santa shaped clouds.
 Now these unexpected clouds lingering on the sky I had to take a look. a huge cloud was passing , it was shaped a cake! A vanilla cake & I could make out some candles too! then the sky turned darker. lightning & thunder joined the scene. soon rain accompanied them. the lightning & rain looked like a confetti shower & thunder sounded like claps. I couldn't believe what I was watching,  nature giving me a surprise birthday party. 
some car was honking at me. I looked back & stepped out of the way. I was going back to enjoy the view when I realized that it was all bright around. I looked at the sky. it was devoid of clouds & sun was shiny itself again. I looked at the clock tower. it was still at 5:00 pm.

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