Monday, April 3, 2017

The spectacles of the spectacled

Glasses,goggles, specs ,inviting glares. eye-wears are still in fashion, still a rage. they help us hide a lot (those post hangover eyes) and see a lot (vision improvement and staring anyone without getting noticed). these are fav and a must've for celebs who gotta hide a lot more from the blinding flashes of paparazzi cameras. Below are some pics of celebs with their glasses game on-

1.These googles are a prefect combo of  crazy and classy. just like Hyuna.

2.A hunk on a hunky bike wearing a stylish pair of glasses...what's missing? oh! A helmet of course!

3. "Tenu kala chashma jachda ae
Jachda ae gore mukhde te" Chillax! Non-racists, its just a song lyrics!

4. "Tenu white chashma jachda ae...."
                               Here is Miss Rihanna channeling her inner Miley Cyrus.

Some Before and After pics

5.Before Makeover
Nerdy Glasses

                                                           6.After Makeover
                                                              Chic Goggles

7. When you are going to watch a 3D movie.

8. After watching anti smoking ad before movie starts.

9.When you're feeling horny.

10.After you done self pleasuring.

11. At the mall trying new glasses...
"How do I look?"

12. but buying finally from Sarojini Nagar #LoveBargaining

13 & 14."well, who's that?' Leeme lower my glasses to see more clearly"


15. Glasses-A necessity at old age.

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