Thursday, March 6, 2014

Just another cold day

 The 6 o'clock alarm was still ringing, urging Gautam to wake up. but there was no sign of movement on the bed. at last Gautam's mom draped a shawl around her shoulders,walked into his room & turned off the alarm.
"Gautam, get up fast! you are going to get late for office." she yelled. getting no response from Gautam she started shaking him.
"what, mom! it's freezing cold. lemme sleep." whined Gautam. there was no way he was getting out of his blanket in this cold morning.

Gautam's mom went out of his room & after some time came back with a cup of tea. she urged Gautam to wake up ,even tempted him about the hot tea. finally he removed blanket from his face, sat upright & started sipping his bed tea. 
After finishing the tea he gathered all his courage & stepped out of his warm comfy blanket zone. he did a bit of stretching & then moved towards the bathroom where hot water was kept ready for him. 
now ready for office or more I say for the cold that was waiting to attack him once he is out in the open. he wore a jacket, wrapped a muffler around his neck & slipped his hands inside the gloves.
He then set out on his way to office. the weather was way colder than he expected. smoke cloud coming from his mouth as he walked ahead on the empty footpath. as the cold attacks got stronger, he started chanting "you don't feel cold!" to make his mind more stronger & the journey bearable. 
While walking he spotted a man covered with a battered blanket lying in one corner of the footpath.his words of self encouragement changed to "you have to go to office or else you'll end up like him."
The man sensing footpaths around,woke up. he rubbed his bare hands to generate some much needed warmth. teeth chattering ,he looked at the tea stall on the opposite side. it was still shut. "let's make some money first then I'll have chai." he thinks to himself. just then he feels something warm on his leg. he looks to find a puppy peeing on him. he shooed it away. 

The bowl was now well filled with coins. the tea stall had opened up. he had sufficient money for the tea. just then a howling noise reaches his ears. his eyes turn to that puppy who was crying & shivering. he took the puppy & wrapped the blanket around him. he thought-"poor chap crying for his mother who passed away yesterday & was taken away in the same truck as his other old begging friend who died of severe cold." 
He then went straight to the tea stall. bought some milk ,emptied his begging bowl & poured milk in it. he then gave it to the puppy who lapped it up in no time.

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