Monday, March 3, 2014

The park at dark


 The usual chaos at this time of the hour in children's park is something else. the screeching of the rides & the barking of the dogs blends perfectly. Punit & Jia jump at once to their favorite swings but halt as she is already sitting in one. they halfheartedly move to slides. Punit doesn't like that pregnant lady. she is coming here from one month.all she does is sit in one of the swings, swing slowly & monotonously. whereas Punit & Jia used to talk to the wind while swinging hard often breaking the swing & leaving it as a surprise to other kids in the morning. that disappointed look on the children's faces made them happy.
suddenly she stops swinging, looks at them & then goes away. punit & Jia happily run to their swings. they wonder why doesn't she stay at the peepal tree like other women. "cuz she had the saddest death!" one woman from the peepal tree answers. she is the oldest wandering soul among them.
she continued "a man on one of these fateful nights took his 5 months pregnant wife for a walk. it was supposed to be a loving night when these two walked hand in hand & talked about their future with the yet to born baby. but both entered this park. the husband helped her wife sit on the swing & started giving her some little push. the wife was smiling & looking at the stars. when suddenly the pushes became hard & she started swinging higher. she thought of it as a joke & told him to slowdown. but he kept on laughing & pushing harder & harder. she was puzzled as to what happened to her loving  husband who cared about her so much. & then he pushed her out of the swing!" Punit was shocked. he was reminded of his own death 2 years ago when he was riding the merry- go- round during games period in school.when some boys who used to bully him started spinning the merry- go- round faster. he started feeling dizzy. so he jumped out of the merry-go- round,falling hard on head.
the old lady crouched back to the peepal tree. Jia shook Punit breaking his train of memories. she pointed to the sky which was turning brighter. the sun rays have reached the earth & now it's time to go. Punit spinned the merry-go-round in anger.

 kids swamp the park in the morning while the merry-go-round still spins.

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