Sunday, September 15, 2013

Love For Blogging Expressed

Blogging is a mind-blowing activity to pursue. What started just as a timepass became my ultimate passion. The reason behind my love for blogging- I've got a story. A story to share. This urge is satisfied by blogging which has a wide array of audience, audience who want to read these stories, appreciate it and give feedback. Blogging is a path of improvement. Improving one's thoughts, creativity, imagination and of course vocabulary to name a few.  It's an engaging but freeing activity. It's hard to keep track of time when blogging. I feel free as a blogger since it gives me my much needed space. But the most important fact -its not only rewarding but awarding activity too.  With getting virtual compliments & appreciations for your work you can make some real money. Now how cool is that- your job, your rules. The Blogging experience, so far has influenced me so much that I find everything and everyone I encounter to be a mystery which needs to be explored. Blogging is the first thing I look forward to every morning. It has made me more aware & more observant.  It has provided to me a much more organized  & creative look on life. The writer in me is happy with this transition.
I have no qualms in saying this but "Blogging is my baby".  So many ideas flood my brain every minute but only one- the best is chosen as the basis of my next blog post. Further processing is done on it to make it readable. As time passes it starts to take its shape. Then after hours of brain storming ,scribbling & editing, the time comes when it is finally on display to the whole world. The feeling is overwhelming when the post is born. For that moment it's my biggest achievement. Now you know why blogging is so dear to me. It's something I won't give up on.
My only wish is to join the likes of miss malini, perez hilton etc & make a difference like they have done!


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