Monday, August 26, 2013

Redolent Of The Past

 Ambi Pur does the magic again. Creating memories for me with it's  fragrances like New Zealand springs & Thai dragon fruit. Now if I ever get a chance to visit these places, I'll have nostalgic memories or flashes of me spraying ambi pur room freshener in my house. & now with the "Smelly To Smiley" contest a chance to share some magic fragrances which take me back for a walk in the foggy memory lane.

 Power cut-offs is  not a frequent thing  in the area I live. But Whenever it does happen emergency light is always available. Once there was power cut & as usual we took out emergency light. It didn't switched ON as it wasn't charged. Thus began MISSION CANDLE, mom, dad, bro & me searching the whole house for a candle under our mobile's flash light. Finally found one in drawer. I lit it up. Whole family in one drawing room. After  15 minutes electricity was back. I blew the candle & as soon as the fumes reached my nostrils this memory started playing in my mind.

"my 6th birthday morning in a new place. I ran to my mom & asked excitedly  "who all are coming to my birthday party?"  "do u have any friends here?" asked my mom. "NO" I replied. "but we'll have a party,cake,balloons right?" I asked hoping she would say yes. "if there's not going to be any people then why buy all these things. I'll make kheer, chole -puri. " mom replied with a straight face. I didn't said anything & went back. I had accepted the fate of my 6th birthday. In the evening after waking from an afternoon nap I saw my dad & bro blowing up balloons. My face lit up thinking atleast there's going  to be balloons. As evening progressed , my dad brought a cardboard box & put it on the table in front of me. It looked like a cake box but mom had already told me that there's not going to be any so I didn't showed any sign of excitement.  My bro was smiling  at me which made me suspicious. Then they opened the box & revealed the mystery. It was actually a CAKE , a fish shaped cake which I told my dad to buy for me on my next birthday & surprises didn't end there. My mom gifted me a cute doll. But the most special surprise was from my bro. he gifted me a hand made greeting card with a very beautiful message for me. The message I don't remember but I do remember that it brought a wide smile on my face.

Electricity is back & what else is back? That old childish wide smile. I look back at the candle, the fumes of past are gone. I look at my family members & find them staring at me & then breaking out into a laughter. My brother controlled his  laughter & said "did candle told u some joke?" they have no idea what the candle showed me, a beautiful moment in the past which created this beautiful moment in the present!

Thanks ambi pur for making me relive the memory & sharing it all with u. this was the memory which  got lost somewhere but I found it through a candle. It's a valuable memory which I won't lose again. 

"Spray Ambi pur & Spread Smiles"

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