Monday, November 11, 2013

♥ I Too Had A Crush..... ♥

 "Mom I am getting late!" I said standing in front of the mirror, checking my appearance. mom emerged out of the kitchen with a tea cup and said "come home a little earlier today!" "why u going somewhere?" I said as I took the cup from mom. "no, someone's going to visit us today." mom said as she tried to hide her smile. "who?" I asked suspiciously. "I told u about the boy Mr.Mehra recommended, he's coming to see you with his family." "oh, no. not again" I whined "what no, such a good and reputed family, the boy is in government job, an air force officer, I believe he'll be the right boy for you!" blabbered mom. "I haven't met him yet and you are ready to make him your son-in-law and by the way I don't have time for marriage!"I  exclaimed . "that's why I am saying meet him, Mr.Mehra said he rejected so many marriage proposals but when he saw your photo he quickly agreed! said wide-eyed mom.(what did he saw in my photo?!")"but mom I have a career, travel a lot, did you people told him that?"I said  leaving no stone unturned to get out of this fiasco. "the boy's family have no such objections!" seeing all my arrows missing the mark I got out  of the house. mom ran after me. "should I cancel the meeting?" "no." I answered angrily as I hurried down the stairs. 
To avoid family drama it was best to say no at the moment. coming back home, all along the way my anger was reaching higher levels. I was damn tired and the last thing I wanted to do was to put a fake smile, blush and try vowing the guy's family. I climbed the stairs, stopped right outside the door, composed and readied myself. after taking a deep breath I pressed the door bell. mom opened the door with a big smile and announced "here she comes!" I felt a little strange on seeing mom's excitement but what can you expect from a desperate Indian mom of a marriageable daughter. I followed mom in the direction of talking noise and laughter. as people in the drawing room sensed my presence they stopped talking. I found this a little awkward. but went forward to greet everyone. "did you forgot to greet Jai" mom interfered. other people laughed. on realizing this I turned to the guy's side and said "hello". He said hello and smiled. I at once started  thinking"I've seen this guy before. He looks so familiar. He's..oh wait...

"Excuse me! Excuse me!" I say this as I rush through the crowd at the railway station.  I am messy and late for college . I surf through taxis to find a vacant seat but looks like when I am late the whole world is late. Luckily I spot one empty seat in a taxi. I at once  jump at the seat like a fat kid jumps at his burger. I let out a sigh.
Driver starts the engine. I sit back relaxed that in 10 minutes tops I'll be in college. I look around at my fellow passengers. 1 girl in the front seat, 2 guys next to me. The guy next to me is just…WOW! He notices me looking at him and adjusts himself farther from me. Maybe he thought I felt uncomfortable. I smile at the thought.  The driver took a right turn. The cute guy was holding the front seat so tight as if resisting himself from falling to the left and maintained a distance from me. I was shuffling papers in my file when  my stole went on his face due to the wind but he carefully held it and gave back to me with a nice look..then I lost hold on my phone and it fell in  the taxi..he instantly took it up and handed over to me . I swear I didn't do these on purpose. I was intimidated by him. For the first time in my life I was wishing  that this journey never ends but then I saw the college gate. I saw my watch and I was still late. I paid money to driver and ran to the college. I was thinking to turn back and have a last look at the guy but I didn't.
 I was in the class putting my papers in the file when I noticed a page missing. "oh,shit!" I was looking around helplessly when I saw the same taxi guy standing outside. Oh my god, is he following me?  Just then he waves at me. I go out to him frowning. "this you forgot it in the taxi!" he said as he forwarded the paper to me. I took it and thanked him. he turned around and went on his way. After that day I saw him a few times in college but he never noticed me. I guess it was the end.

But it wasn't. we met again! we planned to meet again next day to get to know each other more. I didn't mentioned the taxi incident. Call it my ego  or whatever. I didn't wanted to make a fool of myself if he has forgotten it.
So the next day arrived! He was waiting for me at the sunset point. His place of choice. We strolled there for some time and when it was almost sunset time, He was all quite and looked serious.  Oh,my god is he going to reject me! I don't want to lose him again.  He was having trouble speaking. Whatever he says I am not going to freak out! Then he started- Nidhi I don't know how to say this but…(Nidhi u will not freak out! you will not freak out!) I fell in love with you the first time I saw you and it wasn't yesterday. You probably don't remember it but we met few years ago in a share taxi.  He recited the whole incident as if it had happened yesterday. I was standing there all numb,shocked and surprised! He remembers it! He remembers it all! I didn't know how to react. Then he knelt down ,took out the ring and proposed me. Do you know what I said….yes
... I said YES!! He slipped the lovely ring on my finger and that was it, the deal was sealed!the moment was made! The ring shined bright under the sun light ,what little was left of it and was filling our hearts with love and sprinkling some all around!
so this was a story from sharing taxi to sharing life!



  1. Its really a well written piece. Great work. all the best
    please read my post too and dont forget...promote it :-)

  2. Awww, That is soo beautiful. Like a romantic novel. Damn, I always wished for a story like this... :) <3


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