Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Idea Caravan- Ride to the white 360°!

Never judge a book by its cover-
 As I was browsing through the videos to write about a issue for my entry in Idea Caravan. This was the only video I gave a miss. Reason-
  • Coincidentally the orator resembles my math's sir!
I took it as one of the boring lectures  thanks to  my prejudgment. But guess my prejudgment failed again. This video was thought provoking quite the opposite to my first impression.

Reality check-
  I got to know about this harsh reality on my recent visit to my native place. While I was unpacking my bags, my cousins most of who are my age spotted  the packet of sanitary napkins. They started whispering  something to each other. I ignored them. Now they were giggling looking at me. I asked them the reason.  Each forced the other one to tell. One girl finally asked me reluctantly-
"does it  happens with you too?"
"what?" I asked puzzled.
They again started giggling.
"it happens with every girl" I answered casually.
"what is that?" they asked pointing at the sanitary napkin in my bag.
"it's sanitary napkin. Dont you use it?"
"no. we use cloths."
It was hurting to know this but more hurting was the fact that it's still a taboo subject to talk about.

About the man- 

 Aruna, meaning the first ray of sunlight .he's definitely first ray of hope for women belonging to black & white part of the world for whom cleanliness is just too costly.
 Mr. Arunachalam muruganantham  takes the message  across  very simply in his broken English. The "stauary warning" at the start of his presentation was not needed at all. His English may not be clear but his message was very clear. He was successful in not just striking our head but our heart too. Do watch this video to know how he made a 'her' problem his problem. 

He handled the otherwise uncomfortable topic quite comfortably with his humor.  It made me think about this issue more. He threw light on this problem which the world was oblivious to.
Despite being ostracized from his community and family he rose above all the problems &
founded the company, Jayashree industries, which markets pad making machines to rural women all over India and provides them employment and a way to uplift them from poverty. His dedication, determination & success is inspiring for us all.

Franklin Templeton Investments partnered the TEDxGateway Mumbai in December 2012.

The issue-
 Our nose gets wrinkled, we pick it up by our index finger & thumb yeah that cloth is used by these women. Unfortunately they don't have a choice. The choice is only available to city people who can afford it without having to compromise on their daily budget. Does these women don't have a right to live freely a healthy life with dignity? Of course they do! Periods seen as a bringer of mood swings & body development is a bringer of hardship  for women living in the remote part of the world.  Women a homemaker how can she succeed in ensuring good health of family members & hygienic home environment if her own health & hygiene is being ignored. The MNC's with taglines as "Kadam Badhaye ja" ,"Have a Happy period." & Ab waqt hai badalne ka  offer their facilities exclusively to city women who can shell money on their products . rural women can't buy their products because of the high price so they stay unprotected & compromise on their freedom.

The solution-
-spread the awareness about the issue.
-discourage the use of rag clothes , leafs etc.
-encourage people like arunachalam muruganatham on their mission & use their services for the benefit of the needy.
-evoke  Arunachalam muruganantham in you & be part of the second white revolution.

"coz it's all about living a meaningful life!"

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