Monday, June 10, 2013

Dropping The Hints For You

It's not friendship, way more than that
dropping the hints for you why don't you guess
I m just too shy to confess
dropping the hints for you…

Ask me out before I change my mind
propose with roses & a bottle of wine
I know one day you'll be mine
dropping the hints for you...

I touch your arm cuz I don't wanna let you go
it's a sign that means you should stay some more
"it's late" you say & drop me home 
dropping the hints for you...

From fast replies to every fb "likes"
be it keeping a tab on you like a spy  
you are just my kinda guy
dropping the hints for you...

Catch them up , make my day
time is passing don't delay
its the only only way

Days are going so the nights 
without you life's black & white
you do love me am I right?

Keep telling you she'll be lucky
who will date you & make you happy
you joke "oh,really pretty?"
dropping the hints for you.....

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