Saturday, May 25, 2013

Diary of a Day dreamer-

    I got a  brain, let me make it clear, & in that brain I have got lots of thoughts! These thoughts have their favorite hotspots where their frequency increases tremendously. Like bathroom, in a boring class,  in your bed at night & window panes. In bathroom & in boring class it's more of daydreaming, over optimistic  thoughts or wishful thinking. I used to daydream a lot in class, I still do! Daydreaming is such a beautiful escape. I took the step of day dreaming because I didn't wanted to be found sleeping in class it's such a bad impression on teachers & I look weird when I am half sleeping. Once I was caught half sleeping in my history class. The teacher threw a chalk at me & broke my sleep. After this humiliation I started DDing. It has so many benefits first it's interesting & a good time pass activity. Teachers think you are fully attentive in class.
What I used to DD about? Usual stuff…like the harry potter dream.  Prof. Dumbledore, Prof.  Mcgonnagal & Hagrid come storming in my class. Wish you could see their entry in my dream. Nevertheless as obvious we all staring at them shell shocked! Dumbeldore asks for me. I stand up reluctantly & then they rescue me from that boring lecture & take me with them to  "Hogwarts!"   after this a little MIB comes in the picture ,witnesses memory are erased with the help of neuralyzer. One more? Okay this was before 21st dec 2012 when the apocalypse fever was spread everywhere. Obviously it had to get a place in my DD. As usual our boring class is on then I see outside through the window a gigantic wave is approaching our school. I pull out a remote from my bag & press it! Our school ground starts to shiver like a volcano, something inside of it coming out slowly. All are watching this wide eyed.  A huge UFO like space ship comes out. My creation. I tell all to get inside  thus saving some lives &  becoming a hero. My physics teacher whose lecture was on thinking "I thought this girl was stupid but she's a genius!" I could not dream more as my phy teacher asked me a question which I answered thanx to my friends who were sitting behind me.

 Some things to keep in mind while daydreaming in class -
  1. Pay attention at the start of the lecture at least know which topic is being taught.
  2.  keep eyes blinking frequency normal.
  3. Don't keep staring. Move your gaze now & then. Once my friend was DDing. He was staring at mam as if he was listening to her. Mam moved aside but his gaze didn't. he was staring  at wall.  Mam noticed this & he faced a tough question.
  4.  no matter how happy you are in your dream world. Never let a smile come out of that world. If someone notices they would think you are lunatic. Teachers are pro at catching day dreamers so beware!
  5. Don't use this gift frequently as it's pretty addictive. You might miss out on something important in real world. I got so addicted to it that I preferred doing it then studying for exam the next day.  as you may have guessed less marks don't let this blessing become a disguise.
  6. Day dreaming is your right & your property. Use it as you would like. There are no limits. But remember there's a thick line between DD & reality.

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  1. :)) from another day dreamer and still not ourgrown it... loved this


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