Thursday, November 22, 2012

A 'local' Adventure

Standing at the platform waiting for the train
Thought why don't use time & apply some brain
So started composing my thought
A new poetry fever I have caught
Pen in one hand I started to jot
Enough time I have got, so y not?
Crowd swiftly gathering around
Impatience starting to mount
Different people with different moods
Some empty-handed some with goods
'Derailed' said an upset voice
Except for waiting no other choice
Prayers on for train to come fast
After an-hour heard at last
Announcement of the train arrival
Getting on this one question of survival
People rolling sleeves getting ready
Train nearing keeping it steady
The most awaited moment has arrived
In waiting of which many eyes got dried
At the halt people stormed
Unintentional assault being performed
An adventure of adventure worth a try
Can only be experienced in Mumbai.

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