Saturday, October 27, 2012

Sea Company

Ocean has always been a part of my fantasy world. its great reach & scenic beauty has always attracted me . Being from a naval family I've had a few meetings with Mr. sea.
My experiences with sea & other waterbodies has been awesome! Sailing in some prestigious ships of Indian navy in Arabian sea, watching dolphins & beautiful birds, doing a 'TITANIC'( stretching hands wide) feeling free . Splashing water on each other with friends at chowpatty ,thinking about our future at marine drive , gossiping at sea-face. Sea has been every where.
U know what would be a perfect day for me - waking up in a beach resort, walking into water, collecting shells, breathing fresh air, hearing the sound of sea which the waves make, just standing there …watching sunrise….taking it all within. Just want to spend these precious moments alone! my most beautiful morning I can imagine.
Then as the day proceeds, joined by my best buddies, playing some adventurous water sports -diving, water skiing, surfing etc & indulging on some delicious sea food.
Then in the evening at sun set -the best part awaits-BONFIRE! Celebrating life with some good music & talking all night long. Then finally going to sleep under the blanket of stars with the music of the waves. Brings a peaceful content & silence in mind. A great way of having time of your life!!

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