Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Ready ho for Radio?

I get bored pretty easily. so one of my favorite pastimes is listening to radio. gone are the days when people used to listen to the radio for only match commentaries & news on AIR(All India Radio). since then listenership has been continuously on rise. Well AIR is still the baap,but new stations are also being received quite well.
With so many channels,RJs(radio jockeys),different contents...its fun to tune in sometimes. Radio is no doubt the emerging platform for young boys & girls who love to talk, fame is an added bonus!
RJ-considered one of the coolest jobs today, you don't need to be a nerd for this job but good speaking skills is a must. not that easy as it sounds involves acute presence of mind with a blend of sense of humor.
Blabbermouths, idle chatters or tattlers (shit talkers) not apt for this job. talking right at the right time, fluency, voice modulation matters a lot & fillers ko na-na! as there is wide array of audience, u have to connect with all & interact in the right manner. Let the fun part of you come out.
I am happy being a listener. Frankly speaking, some RJs i find really annoying but then there are some really good ones, doing their job perfectly. some shows which are not to be missed-

1.on 92.7 Big fm RJ Neelesh Misra on yaadon ka idiot box, awesome show, narrating diverse emotional stories which will leave you asking for more,you just can't miss this one! 
2.on 93.5 Red fm the very witty RJ Malishka on Morning no.1, popular for her bajaogiri,doesn't spare anyone! 
3.another RJ of 93.5 Nasar khan on naughty nights..oh,man damn sexy voice, flirtatious, no wonder most of the calls on show are from girls.
4. on 92.7 Anirudh LLB(love,ladkiyan,bollywood) killer voice, people sharing their all kinds of secrets! 
5.on radio 1 91.1 there's love guru, as the name suggests, helping love-birds tangled in prem-jaal find the sky with right advises.

Apart from listening to RJs & losing myself to music i like to imagine the RJs,how they look like with just their voice as the hint. It's a fun game. now its time to wind up while my favorite song 'iktara' is playing on the radio.

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