Saturday, October 20, 2012


It was considered a privilege in those days -being the MONITOR of the class. When we were kids it meant a lot. The black badge with bold white words printed on it saying 'MONITOR OF …', it brought with it a feeling of superiority.

 In most cases, The strongest candidate of the honor used to be someone  with the most successful experience in being a teacher's pet! I was too but not intentionally it was because I loved getting appreciation & praise. Popularity & responsibility comes with the honor. Everybody wanted to be my friend, I enjoyed it too. There was a competition every week for the title of the most neat & tidy class. The winner class was given a cardboard made golden star. My class never won one. But still I was made the monitor for 3 consecutive years. maybe , NO definitely because of my good grades & participation in co-curricular activities. My teachers were impressed  by me….they often  used to call me for minding other classes as well.

Then I moved to a new place. In the new school the monitor was also moving to a new place. The teacher asked who wants to replace her, almost all hands were up!  4 candidates were chosen & voting was done. I gained the maximum no. of votes & became the monitor. I am a human too (news flash!) & I make mistakes. I was a bit hitlerish. It was a real hard task of minding such a notorious class. There was a girl name pushpalata in our class. She was fat ( sorry). I came with an not so good idea. I said whoever will make noise will have to sit with her. There was a long silence. It worked but not for too long.  pushpalata was hurt & she started crying. I still regret & feel sorry for her.

 However in my entire monitor career I had many cat fights too. Too be honest I was bad at being a monitor. I misused my power. I became egoistic. Any classmate who used to go against me, I  had her boycotted from whole class. As no. of protestors increased I had to step down.

Thereafter I never stood for monitorship. But due to my teacher's insistence I once became discipline monitor. All I did was nothing!

This was a glimpse of my monitor career & failure in being one.

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