Thursday, October 11, 2012

Indian 'sanima'

I am a complete movie buff.
I am that fan of movies who after watching every great movie imagines herself as the lead character.
I am that fan of movies who after every great scene doesn't refrain herself of clapping and sure whistling if I knew how to do that.

I am that fan of movies who if watching her favorite movie can forget any important work for e.g.- eating, studying for tomorrow's exam and ignoring mom's orders (the most important one!:P).

I am that fan of movies whose concentration level exceeds even Einstein's while watching movies!

Below is a list of my all-time favorite bollywood movie scenes-

  • 3 idiots-  if you've seen this movie you probably know which scene I am going to talk about. An Amir khan movie with a fair dose of  tears and laughter. There are many funny & heartwarming scenes in the movie but nothing beats this one.
  • Yeah, MR. CHATUR RAMALINGAM(omi vaidya) born & brought up in Uganda giving a memorable speech on teacher's  day. A hilarious scene which gives you the best pain - stomach ache with laughter. CHAMATKAAR kar diya!:P

  • Dilwale dulhaniya le jayenge- a die-hard romantic movie starring my favorite sharukh khan & kajol. The epic love-story of an NRI guy raj & desi kudi simran is still being watched even today by many.The award for the best scene goes to-

                 The end scene- after the fight sequence ,raj boards the train simran pleads to her father to let her go. Finally simran's father let go of her hand & says "ja simran ja, jeele apni zindagi". The train starts to depart simran runs & runs. Raj holds her hand & pulls her into the train. Welcome to "happily ever-after"! One of the best climax scenes ever!!

  • Dhoom-  an action movie, first of its kind in India which got such a good response. girls went gaga over John's fantastic physique . Boys went crazy with his superb bike stunts. Abhishek & uday too acted well but the star of the movie was John. An excellently shot movie with a 'dhaasoo' soundtrack!

The best scene- the chase sequence between Kabir gang & the police. Kabir gang on their bikes speeding up after robbing a bank right under the nose of police. Then a nail biting chasing  scene starts. jai & ali chasing him. But failed to catch him. Kabir's bike was far too advanced with a nitrogen cylinder. With the nitrogen boost he zoomed away from jai's sight & was soon out of their reach!

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