Sunday, October 7, 2012

Qyality Walls-


The 3 basic needs of man-food, clothes & shelter.

Today I'll be talking about the 3rd need -shelter( walls to be precise).

walls are not just physical structures that surround us, they are much more than that. Let's have a closer & deep look at them.

- walls protect us, let us have some private space.

-Walls are symbol of security. It does not let outside influences to disturb us.

- Be it any season-summer, winter, autumn or spring walls are there for us.

 -walls  are great supporters too. It supports roof ,without which it would have been very difficult to dodge the rains and strong sunshine!

-walls have been of great importance since ages. old kingdoms building huge walls around their fort for defense against enemies.

-some great old memories- sketching on the walls when we were young and decorating the walls with the poster of our favorite rock star (Hannah Montana or Michael Jackson ) or an inspiring person in our teens.

-Standing tall even today the GREAT WALL of china is a perfect example of  grandeur of the human architecture.

 -a nicely built wall with a strong foundation can stand even the worse of worst calamities and disasters.

Psychology behind it-
but walls are always not pretty and comforting. they are often a sign of restriction, oppression and imprisonment.

Ask Ms. Aung San Suu Kyi & others who have spent a very long time on house arrest.

The most terrifying situation I can imagine myself  in - confined In 4 walls of a room forever with no communication. As good as dead.

Walls are a symbol of divide too. Walls  create separations and divisions.  Walls  have become a border separating one house from another, one state from another & one country from another.

with the outside walls we should take care of our inside invisible walls too.

The walls which are present in our minds of differences. These invisible walls often makes us forget that we all are equal. we should build our inside walls strong enough to protect us from negativity, evils and fears.

Thought to ponder-
Just imagine what if one day all the people decide to break every wall on earth(almost every wall) . What will be the scenario? Horrifying,huh??!! 

Sure there would be a feeling of horror as there would always be a fear of someone watching us and our secrets will be out. our private life would be totally disrupted. An unimaginable difficult event in an age where people are completely busy in their own life and care little of outside world.

 But if looked from a positive perspective this event would certainly bring  a unique sense of freedom and equality!

That's all about the walls from my side!

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