Sunday, January 24, 2016

The fantastico world of love

 Exchanging of greeting cards showing a naked winged boy shooting an arrow through heart, transformation of college corridor into a flirting zone ,singles panicking and the breaking news about proposals acceptance and rejection , the valentine month has started. and I hated it.
Ria and Dev (my BFFs) approached my desk. Ria had something in her hand...oh, another display of affection by Rohit,a greeting card. finding me looking at it Ria hid it behind. she knew what was I going through.
"why you hiding it? afraid I'll start crying like a baby just because I've never received one of those?" I asked.
"Nooo actually it's a bit funny. I am afraid you'll make fun of it and then brand people in relationship as "STUPID" she answered.
that got me curious. I had to have a look at it. I snatched the greeting card from her hand. it was huge. not to mention lots of hearts and the word "love" in bold italics. it had lots of pages. each page featuring the famous couples starting with Adam and eve, then romeo-Juliet, shahjahan-mumtaz, heer-ranjha and so on. the funny part- their faces were replaced by Ria and Rohit's faces. I broke out into a laughter. Ria snatched the card from my hand and said "I knew it!" "you people are stupid!" I retorted.
"No they are crazy in love" Dev who was silently standing all this while spoke. I was startled to hear this comment from him. he was like me. we both were single and enjoyed making fun of couples. he was a happy single guy whereas I was slowly turning into a relationship wannabe.
I wanted to tease Dev but Ria cut me off "Shreya  I know what you are going through. but believe me when the time comes your 'special someone' will enter your life. until then take solace in knowing that you both are under the same sky."
I was done with the waiting game. it was time to take this matter into my own hands. that "special someone" is out there somewhere. I just have to find him. so I decided to go on a love hunting spree. all I needed was a sign from the universe giving me a hint where should I start my journey from. Ria shook me. "hey can you please return this library book for me. I am going out with Rohit."  okay so library it is.
I was browsing the book shelves in library when I heard someone fall. a guy fell off carrying a pile of books. I helped him in picking up the books. I saw his face. he was Uday, the topper of our class. I didn't know about him much but whenever I needed his notes he always gave me. he being topper his notes were in big demand but he never denied me and made me go empty handed without notes. why? that rang a bell. I asked him. "'coz Dev always used to reserve it for you before anyone else."he replied. oh Dev My best friend.:) "is there anything else you want to tell me?" I asked smiling. "Nothing, I think" he replied reluctantly.
I couldn't sleep.....just tossing and turning in bed. I called Ria my 2:00 am buddy and told her everything. Ria was surprised at first.
" I always knew Dev had a thing for you. whenever professors ask you questions and you go blank he diverts professor's attention by asking them a doubt. he also convinced Laxmi mam to shift him in our practical batch not because Laxmi mam was his favorite but because someone else was." Ria teased me.
That night I just couldn't sleep. I suddenly could relate to all the love songs. that feeling of being loved by someone was over powering. My special someone was so close to me all this while and I never knew. As the dawn was rising so were the butterflies in my stomach. how will I face him? how will I react if he decides to propose?  will I be able to utter those magical four words to him?
                                                      "I love you too!"

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