Tuesday, June 6, 2017

The Fantastico five minutes

 As the clock struck twelve, Aakashi released the sky lantern from her grip and saw it rise in the air. it wasn't rising alone, her wish for a fantastico year ahead was also attached to it. she stayed there, watching it float in the air approaching the sky illuminated with fireworks. slowly it vanished from her sight and her eyes traced their way back to ground. just then she heard the door bell ring.

"happy new year, my love!"
a tall, dark and handsome stranger was flashing his dazzling smile at Aakashi and calling her
"my love! no time to waste,haste! your ride's waiting for you."
with that he shifted his fit and fab tuxedo draped body unblocking the view of "her" ride.

"Tiagooooo!"  Aakashi stretched 'o' way too long for a shiny orange Tata Tiago was parked at her doorway. she was saving her earnings to buy this car. the gentleman who resembled a Greek god took her hand and seated her on the cushy seats of the car. after taking a seat beside Aakashi, the angel faced gentleman popped open a bottle of champagne, pouring the sparkling liquid in a glass which he offered to her. she hadn't refused anything till now and she didn't refused again. either this was going to be a big stupid mistake or a wonderful turn of fate, she thought.
Aakashi refrained herself from asking any questions fearing it would burst this beautiful dream she was living like a balloon. but she didn't mind making some small talk.
"I think I know you from somewhere."
the charming young man flashed his pearly whites, flashed it again then again until something struck her mind.
oh, yes, he was the guy from that tooth paste commercial whose sparkly white smile attracted every woman on the street and who concludes the ad by saying "clean the teeth street style!"
such a bright smile could be hazardous for her eyes so she shifted her gaze to the window. it was new years eve so the streets were buzzing with celebration, she smiled and dug deeper in the seat. before she could make herself anymore comfortable, the car came to a halt.
the pretty guy opened the door for her.  Aakashi got out of the car and found herself standing in front of...
.... her house! Aakashi was confused. when she turned back, the limo and the toothpaste guy was gone. still baffled, she went into her house and buried herself in the couch. she re-winded the whole episode in her head, trying to make sense of it all. she re-winded again, from the time she lit the lantern and released it with her wish. was her wish magically granted? but she specifically asked for a fantastic year not fantastic five minutes. unable to find any good reason for what happened she decided to brush it off as a joke of life. she switched on the TV to take her mind off that incident. news channels were airing the new year celebrations from around the globe as it arrived. spectacular firework display over Sydney opera house, Eiffel tower and Trafalgar square. new year was yet to arrive in USA with 40 seconds left. times square ball was descending. 
"HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017" flashed on the TV screen.

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