Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Get together -the kissan way

life today is unimaginable without our smartphones. 24x7 on our phones, we've collected a great amount of knowledge of what's going in different parts of the world. but have we forgotten something important? hit logout button. keep your phone aside and think what you may be missing from life.

you've missed the joy of creating, exploring and reinventing. where's the child in you? the child who loved dancing in the rain, climbing trees,picking fruits from the trees, hearing stories from the elders and calling friends from their homes, now all kinds of relationships are trapped in the cellphone. it's the only string keeping you in touch but it's a weak one.... it won't hold for long. the old relationships are losing their ground and the new ones are not getting strong foundation. it's the technology that needs to take the back seat and you should deal with your relationships upfront. it's high time you reconnect with nature, release that trapped energy that you've been bottling up and rewind the time you spent with your kith and kin.    

start creating memories which will be there with you forever, not like chats which will eventually end up in spam folder after a certain time. be there! be present physically, connect in person. give a shoulder to your loved ones to rely on, give a hand to pull them back up when they fall down.  because sometimes it needs a little more than a "tc", :-), XOXO, :-*,"k", LOL.  a real smile, a real hug, a real laugh and a real kiss. world is a big place with beautiful things in abundance and well, life is short, don't waste it away distracted by your cellphone. the cellphone doesn't assure you the warmth, the feelings and the touch of real relationships. it's what you'll have to work towards. 

cellphones offer ready answers and advises to our queries but it's nothing compared to sharing your concerns with your loved ones and finding the solution together. people engrossed in phones tend to be self obsessed and the urge to post a new update on everything and anything rules them. they come with their own interpretation of a piece of text instead of clearing out the doubts in person. time will pass so will the people but not the memories. they stay forever. 
the joy is here, in now. live the now. connect with friends, relieve the old times, hold no barriers of smart phones and everything will flow naturally. also spread the 'Kissan's tip to lifelong relationships' far and wide, so everyone awakes and enjoy the real joy of togetherness. smartphone may be your smart friend but not an emotional, crazy, lovely or "i'll be there for you" types. 
so jam out like they do in kissanpur-

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