Friday, August 21, 2015

life in the 4G lane

 Look what times we've reached. I've struggled with three G's all my life. they were not quite my tempo. but I need not worry now. welcome to Airtel 4G express, hop on to the ride,hold onto your seats, things are gonna get blurry because this is the fastest ride ever. with this speed everything will be high definition. remember the times when we had to often make compromises with the video quality so as not to waste time in buffering. but now it's upgrading our vision to 6/6. this is all because of Airtel vision with its revolutionary move of providing much anticipated 4G services.

I am all excited for joining in this ride. what will I do with these unbelievable speeds under my hood? oooh....

I have these strange bouts of curiosity. sometimes,at odd times I wonder why is this thing this way? why this thing not this way? what that thing looks like? what is the mystery behind it? is there even a word like that? but I used to just shrug it off thinking who would go, search about it and look at that circle going on and on for god knows, how long. now that 4G has made its way in the market, thanks to Airtel, I'll finally suffice my curious mind. 

Big match tomorrow but can't miss classes. I can catch some action with live streaming. it won't get stuck when using Airtel 4G  . a fast friend indeed. watching live  without interruption will soon be a reality. I can watch it in the ride back home or from home. just a click away. I so feel like Aladdin who has found the magic lamp. surfing, browsing, online games,video chats everything will run smoothly.  

As a competitive blogger I think I won't have problems with the time constraints. as I like living on the edge and making it through deadlines is a very important task. we all know whether booking a tatkal ticket in irctc or grabbing that cool deal on flipkart sales can be stressful. with Airtel 4G as my weapon I'll scale through it smoothly. speed gets double and stress halved.  it sounds a little selfish,eh? but I think it would be helpful to me in helping others too. for example, I am often inquired about the directions to some place,train information, college queries and often NGOs. with its fast speed I'll access details fast on the internet and can be of some help.  

I have a bad habit of studying at the last minute. with Airtel 4G speed I'll be able to clear some last minute doubts. it would improve my social media life so much. but what is really exciting about the Airtel 4G  services is its cost. its 4G at 3G rate. easy on the pocket, fast in hand. so anyone can get their hands on this amazingly fast connection. with Airtel 4G l'll have world at my fingertips. 


  • Airtel 4G is the first telecom operator to roll out 4G services
  • Nationwide rollout across 296 cities
  • 4G available at 3G prices
  • Getting a 4G SIM is just a tweet away - #GetAirtel4G
  • Free home deliverey of 4G SIM
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