Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Shift gears & kick start a new life.

 Its surprising how one tiny, baby but bold step can change a life & give it a whole new direction. my story starts with me studying in 11th std. I always considered myself an average girl with average looks & average marks in exams. but still I was happy atleast not being below average & sad that this school life will soon end & I'll leave this place just as I had entered it ,as an average student. but I knew it will end that way & I can't do anything about it. what can you expect from an introvert, dependent person like me?
Everyday is an opportunity. I didn't see it then. during our morning assembly our principal announced a contest where we could submit any charts,articles,model, presentation anything on our favorite topic & the best work will win a ticket to united kingdom where they'd meet students from all over the globe. sounds like an exciting opportunity...not to me then. I thought it was a waste of time as people who'll participate will be the toppers or people who frequent the winner podiums. I shrugged off the opportunity like I always did.
I was fooling myself because that morning never left my mind. I could see enthusiastic students preparing for it everyday. maybe ..maybe...there's a slight chance that I could also win. but how would I know if I didn't try so I approached my trusted small group of friends for participating in the contest together. they shrugged off that idea & prompted me to do so too. though I agreed with them but it didn't felt right.
Only 3 days were left for the contest to close & my chance of making any difference in my average student life. the thought kept nagging me day & night. I just couldn't see it passing away like that. I took out my bicycle, my digital camera & went riding around the town. I stopped in between & interviewed a guy about environmental pollution, capturing him on my camera. gladly the guy didn't turned me down & gave a smart answer. I kept on interviewing many people & end of the day I was ready with my contest entry. I submitted it in due date.
after some days the winner was announced... it wasn't me. so back to square one...no...I interviewed strangers & poked them questions . that was something I've never done before. during class sunita mam showed a video to the whole class. the smart guy in the beginning, the old uncle reminiscing his "back on my days" pollution free natural environment, a group of friends arguing their ideas & who to blame..so on...& last the kid threatening people to plant more trees or you won't get any chocolates. the whole class clapped at the end & then sunita mam announced the name of the creator...my name. there was a brief silence then the claps ensued. yeah..so not that average anymore.
The winner of the contest was back from uk & was going to present her experiences on stage. the stage was crowded with chief guests for the annual inspection. one of the chief guests during his speech asked that girl about her ideas on how to improve the education system & the school environment. she blabbered something, awed by the sudden question. the chief guest wasn't impressed & asked if anyone could answer that. now I know there were many people who could've given a good answer but I saw no hands raised. I saw as an opportunity & raised my hand. the chief guest signaled me to come on stage. I marched to the stage forgetting my stage fright & by looks on his face gave an impressive answer. the chief guest then applauded me & said something which I 'll never forget "you should've gone to united kingdom!"
Since that day my life took a beautiful turn & I haven't looked back. I can hear loud & clear the knocking of the opportunities at my door. this incident was not only rewarding but a lesson too. I became more confident & independent. so yeah, change is good.

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