Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Guru bin Gyan adhoora

Long ago there used to be a kingdom named fatehpur which was ruled by Maharaja Shaurya, bravest of the brave. Maharaja had lost vision in one eye in a battle. Fatehpur spread over thousands of acres, boasted of marvelous architecture. It was blessed with nature's stunning beauty. Maharaja's palace was an architectural masterpiece. Maharaja had the best collection of rare gems in the form of courtiers. His courtiers constituted of the lands best painter, musician, poet etc. this is the story of the famous royal painter Bandyopadhyay.
Bandyopadhyay was growing old so He thought of retiring. he went to Maharaja asking for his permission to retire. Maharaja knew that he was the best at his work & that nobody was capable enough to replace him as the royal painter. Maharaja agreed to let him retire on one condition that Bandyopadhyay himself will have to choose his successor. At this Bandyopadhyay agreed.
Bandyopadhyay opened a painting shop. The news spread far & wide about Bandyopadhyay looking for his successor. A young man named Eklavya heard this too. He was a good painter & wanted to be the next royal painter. He went to Bandyopadhyay's shop & requested him to teach him painting. Observing the young man's love for painting he accepted him as his student. Soon the classes began. As time went the young man became proficient in painting. Along with Bandyopadhyay's paintings his paintings too started to sell out. Eklavya thought that Bandyopadhyay will choose him as his successor but as days passed he started to have doubts. Eklavya became selfish. He thought he had learned enough & now its time for him to become the royal painter. He decided to go to the palace & talk to the king about this matter. He went to Maharaja & started boasting about how good a painter he was. Maharaja sensed his selfishness & agreed to have him as his royal painter if he could draw his painting. Thinking it was easy he quickly agreed. Maharaja told him there are two conditions-
  1. The painting should be very beautiful.
  2. The painting should be true.
Maharaja gave him 15 days time. If he didn't showed him painting after this time he would be beheaded. Eklavya accepted the challenge. He started drawing the painting of maharaja. The first painting got completed. Maharaja saw it & said its true but not beautiful as it showed Maharaja one eye blind. Eklavya again drew one more painting. It was beautiful but not true. Soon days passed. Only two days were left. Eklavya knew he was in big trouble & realized his mistake. He ran back to Bandyopadhyay & started crying, pleading for his help. Bandyopadhyay asked him the matter. He told the whole story. Bandyopadhyay smiled & told  him to make a painting showing Maharaja hunting, taking a shot from his arrow at a nearby deer. As Maharaja will be taking a shot his one eye will be shut. That ways it would be true as  well as beautiful. Eklavya drew the painting & escaped his death.

*Moral of the story- knowledge is incomplete without a teacher.*

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