Sunday, April 21, 2013

Indian 'Sanima' -part 2

In this post I am bringing to you the 2nd part of my Best Scenes
compilation. I'll be describing those scenes which you simply can't miss. So here they are-

  1. Fashion-
A typical Madhur Bharndarkar movie baring the "dark secrets" of the glam world.
this is the story of a small town girl Meghna with big dreams. As she climbs up the ladder of success she discovers the wild ruthless side of the fashion world & falls a prey to it.  Then starts her struggle with herself. A beautifully depicted movie turned out to be a big hit & winner of many prestigious awards. 

 when Meghna is replaced as the lead model of 'Penache'. She is shattered & starts drugging. She went on to sleep with a complete stranger under the influence of drugs. When she wakes up & sees an unknown man lying beside her. She gets up & goes to her home. In this particular scene when Meghna sees herself in mirror & realizes what she has done. She wipes her face with tissue in desperation to regain the beautiful girl she was once. But then breaks down. Beautifully acted by Priyanka Chopra.

  1. Dhoom-2
Sequel of Dhoom, Dhoom-2 lived up to its expectations. The new villain (Hrithik roshan) did full justice to the role of a techno geek robber who loves to steal antiques.

The best scene is the scene where the clever villain Aryan has his eyes on a rare diamond. He targets the museum where the diamond is kept. He slips into the room looking exactly like a Greek statue himself amongst the other statues. He is actually un-noticeable. On his hand what looks like a book is actually a remote of the tiny robotic car he made. He manages to steal the diamond. The scene is beautifully pictuarized & deserves a thumbs up.

  1. Bhul bhulaiya
when I first saw the trailers of this movie it looked like a comedy movie. Indeed it is a comedy but filled with suspense & thrill. This movie was a real surprise to me. 

In this scene Sidhartha refuses to let her wife Avni go for shopping & tries to provoke her as told by his psychiatrist friend  Aditya. She finally gets provoked & shows her dark side of Manjulika . raising the bed single handedly & threatening Sidhartha before turning normal. It was a real goosebump raiser scene & its credit goes to Vidya Balan for delivering such a breath taking performance.

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