Friday, July 10, 2015

Crush the crash diet

 It was only a few weeks left for the college to start. I was neatly packing my sweaters,jackets & hoodies back in the suitcase & taking out all the sleeveless & shorts. that's when my eyes found it- a beautiful  Summer Sleeveless Casual Western Dress. in short my fresher's dress. I quickly took it out & tried on. I was beaming with happiness & swirling it around. I moved to my dressing table to see the reflection in the mirror & compliment it. but the reflection had some different plans. the dress looked a bit forced on me. of course the dress wasn't made to give cover to my jiggly arms & flabby legs. clearly my body had been on a long relaxing winter vacation. winter time chilling out now a summertime sadness. I had to do something really fast.
 Hello crash diet! I don't know why ,maybe because of the anxiousness & urgency I signed up for crash diet. It sounded like the best way to lose the extra fat in little time. I was on a strict salad only diet. initially it felt good & felt effective but as time passed I started loathing it. I started getting irritated on small things. I was turning moody. when people were enjoying the ice creams & smoothies I was stuck with salad. in few days I couldn't bear the sight of salad anymore. I was hungry all the time. I didn't felt like doing anything. my energy level dropped. as crash diets reduce the intake of carbohydrates(rice,pasta) which are an essential source of energy & prevents from getting important nutrients & proteins for our body to work properly. it is a big NO-NO. 

when I couldn't take it anymore I loaded up on all rich in cholestrol foods. but I quickly checked myself & opted for the much better healthier choice-

Balance nutritional diet. in order to get our body to function properly healthy balanced diet is a must. it comprises of fruits,vegetables,whole grains & proteins.  to make your transition from crash diet to balanced diet more smooth & sweet, start your day with Honey Diet. mix a spoonful of Dabur honey in a glass of warm water & then voila! your battery's recharged! honey has medicinal & therapeutic qualities. it works in keeping us fitter & younger. let every morning be honey morning. 

The key to a healthy diet & hence a healthy body is eating the right amount & range of food. balanced diet means keeping a balance. Try to choose a variety of different foods from the four main food groups & drink lots of water. 

so stay away from crash diet.  go out, sweat, keep yourself hydrated & happy. say ice cream & smile! 

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