Sunday, January 24, 2016

karmic music


Somewhere up , up, more up, upper than your imagination can take you, God the almighty was feeling bored. Now how to kill this boredom? That's when an idea struck him! Why not organize a game?
 "Yeahhh! Let's have a game with Earthians…oh no I can't do that. I already had enough games with them today, like the guy who wanted to see some local videos but couldn't because "The video you have requested is not available for your geographic region." the guy who fell in cow shit and found a diamond ring! Hohoho…..that was fun!" 
Time to make an announcement to the heaven and hell people! " hello  inhabitants of heaven and hell. Heaveners, do you want to have fun for heaven's sake? and Hellers, do you want to escape further torture? Then we have the right opportunity for you! Play my fantastico game and win!"
Everybody was excited! Heaveners sipping holy drink, seated in soft comfortable chairs were waiting for the contest to start whereas Hellers were behind the bars, with guards poking them with their sharp weapons.  One player from each side stood at the starting line. On the sound of the whistle blow both will have to start running and reach the piano kept at some distance. Upon reaching there they'll have to play the piano. Whoever will reach first and play the most melodious music will win.  
God blew the whistle. Both started racing. The Heavener reached the piano and was getting ready to play it. Heller was trying hard but couldn't reach the piano. The closer he was getting to piano the farther the piano was getting from him. By this time Heavener started playing the piano. He sang a song about how heaven is the best place and god the kindest,the wisest,the handsomest etc. God was loving every bit of it especially the part about him which was almost every part. the impact of the music was so great that God's pearly tears started flowing. once he finished, God and Heaveners started applauding. by this time heller had finally reached his piano and started singing the song titled "the Karma drama". the song suggested to throw the karma system and to bring in its place the lottery system. Hellers cheered. God thought the song was nonsensical and not even pleasing to ears. so Heavener was declared the winner and Heller loser. Now was the time to award the winner and give punishment to the loser. God snapped his fingers.

 A girl in shopping store browsing some clothes. Checks the price tag "too expensive!" moves to footwear collection. Again "too expensive!" she decides to call it quits. Moves ahead to pay for a lipstick she bought. Just then confetti starts showering on her. The salesgirl shouts "congrats on being our 1000th customer. You win a Rs. 10000 voucher! Happy shopping!!!" lucky girl, isn't she? Why not she be as she was the Heavener who won.

 A boy writing his paper in exam hall. In his mind "wow such an easy paper. I'll surely top!" he suddenly stops writing. He can't remember the answer. Moves to another question. He has forgotten this answer too. It was as if his memory containing the answers was erased. He's puzzled. He can't write anything. He was the Heller!

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