Sunday, October 25, 2015

Stand for Smiles

 Welcome to 'musu musu hasi' society. here you'll find creative kids, friendly animals and busy adults. kids during summer holidays were successful in bringing monotonous and tired folks to their lemonade stands,making some good bucks. while counting their money and distributing it equally among themselves an idea struck their curious minds. read on to find all about that idea, from its inception to its acomplishment.
Rahul - everybody got their share?  what a great end to this season. 
Monty- what about the winter? let's do the same in winter holidays.
Rahul- I thought we were creative. 
Khushi- why don't we sell smiles on a plate?
Rahul and Monty exchanging looks.
Monty- stupid. how can anyone serve smiles on a plate?
Khushi- Monty, when are you most happy?
Monty- when I am eating. 
Khushi- ...and what is it that you love eating the most?
Monty and Rahul (together)- McCain snacks!!!

While people were busy unpacking their woolen wear and preparing for winter. Rahul,Monty and Khushi were busy setting up their "smiles stand" outside their building. with the help of Monty's chef dad their lip smacking menu was ready to be served to the unsmiling faces. Monty's dad was concerned as most people just like to stay at home during the chilly weather but they were confident that the smell of hot McCain snacks would drag them to the stand. they couldn't have been more right.  
                                              smiles stand
First customer to grace their stand was Mr. Singh and Rambo. Mr. Singh every evening takes his German shepherd Rambo for a walk. after his wife passed away two years back, Rambo was their only companion. Rambo having an extraordinary sense of smell, dragged Mr. Singh to the smiles stand. 
he looked amusingly at the McCain smiles which are delicious mashed potatoes,seasoned and shaped into happy faces. after taking a bite Mr. Singh's face transformed into a happy smiling face . after finishing his delicious meal he took out his wallet to pay but the kids had some other plan.
we- we follow a give and take policy. we made you smile. now it's your turn. 
with this they straightened their face.
Mr. Singh understood their plan.
Mr.Singh- living with an animal I've too learnt to speak their language.
he started mimicking various animal voices which was bang on. the kids were entertained and shared a hearty laughter with Mr. Singh.  

A short while later, Rajni di, a paying guest came to their stand carrying her usual bundle of books. living away from home she definitely must be missing her home made food. when they offered her McCain special she mumbled excuses like I am watching my weight until the irresistible smell of McCain got better of her and she changed her mind. when she heard their stand's policy she took out her makeup kit and offered to do the their makeup to which they gladly agreed. 20 minutes later the kids transformed into little monsters. by the happy look on her face the kids might have been successful in making her feel at home.

Rahul's dad arrived at the scene with his usual grim expression and cellphone glued to his ears. the kids along with the Mr. Singh and Rajni di, the new members of smile squad requested him to try their happily served McCain delicacies.  he agreed to take just one bite for their sake. he took one bite then another, slowly finishing up the plate. he transformed into a spirited young man. he broke the prosaic atmosphere with his break dance moves. everybody was stunned at first, soon after joining him at the floor.  

                                           menu on display

the atmosphere was totally 'McCain'ical. everybody's face resembled McCain smiley. as they say the way to one's heart is through stomach. smile is a product of happiness which doubles when shared. the kid's had found the secret to heart felt smiles and took a stand to promote it. the smile inducing menu of McCain snacks worked its magic in the hearts of people while leaving a lasting taste of happiness in the mouth. its undoubtedly smiles served on a platter to be enjoyed by anyone and everyone. so bring McCain snacks and cheer your peers.

recipe for smiles-

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