Saturday, January 11, 2014

Hairy tales

 Hair  our sometimes curly, sometimes straight, sometimes wavy,  sometimes dyed partners are no doubt an integral feature of our body.  Just like us they too need to get recharged from time to time. So they stay immune to damage & ready to face the challenges the day would bring.

When it comes to recharging we need to recharge them RIGHT! We don't want blunders like these to happen with us-
"Won’t wash my hair
Then make 'em bounce like a basketball"

 it can give your hair an attack if not heart attack.

We are bound to take care of our hair . 

Hair going the wrong way? Mistake like this can earn you a bad reputation so better watch your hair!

I am an all season girl. I take on every season as "this is my season!"  I don't do it alone cuz I can't! my hair plays a perfect companion.

In summer life takes a beachy turn. Long walks  on the beach & getting splashed in the waves are too much fun.  Sure I don't want to enjoy all these activities looking like a ghost. Sunhats have  to come off sooner or later. My well recharged hair are fully protected from the sunrays, sand & salty water of the sea.  A game of volleyball with friends. My recharged hair doesn't guarantee  my win in the game but full enjoyment guaranteed.

In monsoon when rain comes, I don't have to put hold on my plans.  During the rains I never miss a chance of dancing in the rain & splashing muddy water around.  But doing all this is taking a big risk as it means a rough shampoo session afterwards. Well there's no stopping to fun if hair is recharged. The fun gets double & washing hair much less a burden.

Winter considered a dull season doesn't have to be the same for hair too.  Just paint the season with your colors by making some cool  plans. For me winter means bonfires! Strumming songs while playing guitar, sipping hot chocolate & gossiping .  romance is in the air, let it be in your hair too. Those luscious looking locks can be a perfect wingman in the flirting game.

Apart from these seasonal getaways, there are some surprise  ventures  or unexpected journeys which we get to undertake. Recharged hair keeps me all the more prepared so whenever opportunity strikes I can give it my best shot.

SUNBURN FESTIVAL- recharge your hair & dance your hair worries away!

Among all the chaos & ear bursting music , my recharged hair ensures that my wild hair don't miss a beat & lets me have the time of my life. I can nod my head the way I want without having to worry about the state of my hair. I feel free to dance like no one's watching even if someone is watching.  The party spirit takes a high when DJ spins my favorite banger . Hands go high, hair goes berserk but  feel more alive than ever!

AWARENESS CAMPAIGNS -  recharge your hair & keep hair in peace!

For an active participant in various environmental & health awareness campaigns like me, we have to travel a lot, Go from door to door for spreading the awareness & stand for a very long time under the scorching sun.  Fear of pollution lingers over the head as it's an open invitation to dandruff & various other hair problems. But when hair is recharged , woes turn into wows.

ADVENTURE PARKS-  recharge your hair & give it a rush of life.

 From high adrenaline rides to eating lots of junk foods, adventure parks are a complete package of fun, entertainment & amusement.  going to a ride is a testing time not only for your body but for your hair too. For an adrenaline junkie like me, Coming from a ride & then readying your hair is an unnecessary hassle &  a wastage of time. It can be a fun spoiler. If not recharged, hair can easily give up after so much spinning, bumping & swinging.  Its important to recharge your hair to save time & make the experience hassle free.

Just like how snow white came back to life after a prince's kiss, my hair are also recharged back to life after a *secret* kiss. & the secret is…ssshhhh….

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