Sunday, September 8, 2013

Rumor Has It...

Ahhh…those 30 minutes of freedom! Lunch break is the papa of all breaks. The importance of lunch breaks is immense in the life of students & office workers. While office people's lunch break is limited to eating & gossiping, student's lunch break is much more diverse, fun & adventurous.

 I remember when I was in 3 rd standard we used to eat our lunch hurriedly to have enough time in our hands to go see the "Haddi Raja(Bone King)". Near the playground was a building, dark & hardly any people can be spotted there. Though we heard that it had something to do with higher classes students.

 We used to go inside the building, we were about 5, climbed the staircase, moved fearfully to the room where he lived. We used to take turns & peak inside the room. It was rumored that the haddi raja comes alive if he sees anyone. For long I never got the chance to take a peak inside & have a look at haddi raja. Either someone shouts in horror making us run for our lives or the bell starts ringing. But then one day I finally got the chance, I can still feel the shivers down my spine when I peaked inside expecting the unexpected. I saw him. He was inside a glass case. He wasn't alone some dinosaurs were there too. But he looked the most dangerous. Thinking if I stare at him for too long he would come alive. We ran away at once.

 As time went we forgot about the haddi raja but his existence in our school was still a question mark. When I moved to higher class I learned about the mystery & it was funny. Actually the place was the biology lab & the haddi raja was none other than a skeleton :P

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