Friday, May 31, 2013

Did some one said Picnic?

"YAYYY" is the reaction when we hear the word 'Picnic'. When it comes to picnic nothing can beat a school picnic not even family picnic.  An official day off with people your age without the control of parents is a guaranteed fun. The enthusiasm is unparallel. Like every student I too used to wait for this day. It usually happened at the end of the year. When the picnic month approaches rumors & speculations start to fly about the possible location of the picnic. Some misinformed kids coming to school with their bag full of picnic  eatables one or two days prior to the actual day.  there are some very common picnic  eatables you can see students munching. My food list surely had these things- hide & seek cookies, kurkure (not lays coz it's 1 big  packet is enough unlike lays half filled with air),a bottle of soft drink, chewgums(mostly centre fresh) & some cake.  During lunch & free periods making plans & preparation with buddies. 

 The main transportation to picnic spot is bus. Half of the picnic time is spent in bus. Plans included which seat & with whom one will be sitting.  There are some famous picnic chants which we used to say out loud in unison to cheer ourselves & keep the picnic spirit alive. Like "Hip Hip Hurray!" & in India  particularly in Maharashtra when the bus engine starts off "ganpati bappa morya" is chanted for the auspicious start of the journey. The atmosphere in bus is different fun. Jokes, dumb charades , antakshiri( girls vs boys) are played to keep the spirit high but then there are some picnic spoilers too. Some students fall asleep which can be demotivating, some students start vomiting after a while & if bus gets sick then students are adjusted in other buses leaving less space & more crowd. Whenever our bus used to pass across other schools we used to shout "our school is the best" at the top of our voice to gain their attention & make them feel bad that we are enjoying while they are stuck with the books. Same was repeated with us too. It's a norm. when the picnic spot sign board starts to appear the energy is refilled & the rest is history. Some of  My picnic destinations-

The great escape water park-

It looked great from the entrance. But when inside it turned out to be a bummer. There weren't many slides. 2-3 small slides. Blackhole  wasn't as it should be. It was timepass good. The actual fun we had was in rain dance. DJ was playing the hit songs & we were dancing -YOLO moment.


'esselworld me rahunga main ghar nhi jaunga main' that's what exactly happened with us. Esselworld is a legendary place. Half of the time was spent in travelling & the other half wasn't enough to explore this place. Nevertheless whatever time  we had we enjoyed. There were long queues as it was the season. We weren't able to go to the ghost house, mirror house etc. thunder & rainbow were awesome. We spent our final moments in esselworld in the disco club. We formed a human train & went between couples receiving a cold look from them. but that was super fun.

Water kingdom-

I wasn't expecting much fun after the experience with great escape but I was surprised. It turned out to be the most special & memorable picnic. We had  ample of time in our hand enjoyed a hell lot. Dangerously big slides but YOLO again. This place is legen…wait fer it…dary in true sense. I was really scared ingoing to the straight slide but I was able to win over my fear. It was adventurous, unpredictable & incredible. Blackhole was long & dark as it should be. The large pool had huge waves. We weren't allowed to go to the rain dance party but we slipped into it. Enjoyment at its peak. We were totally drained of energy after coming from that trip. A day well spent!

What a crazy people we were! I miss these picnic days as school life is over. But a new life has started-college life. hope it's more fun!

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