Friday, December 14, 2012

Conversation With A Smoker!

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Me: hi
Stranger: Hi
Stranger: asl?
Me: 18 f you?
Stranger: 19 f
Stranger: What's up?
Me: nothing.
Me: you say
Me: your name?
Stranger: Christine :)
Stranger: Yours?
Me: kiren
Me: from?
Stranger: SL
Stranger: You?
Me: India
Stranger: Oh cool
Stranger: Are you a guy or a girl?
Me: girl
Me: time to disconnect :P
Stranger: Lol, really?
Me: no usually people of same sex do that
Me: no?
Stranger: No :P
Stranger: What's up?
Me: nothing interesting
Me: you say
Stranger: Having a cigarette :)
Me: oh....a smoker!
Stranger: Yeah :)
Me: what do you do?
Stranger: University :)
Stranger: You?
Me: same here
Stranger: Oh cool :)
Stranger: You party?
Me: rarely
Me: you seem to be a hardcore party girl. am i right?
Stranger: I'm not :)I don't even drink
Stranger: Do you?
Me: no
Stranger: Are you a smoker? :)
Me: nope!
Stranger: Why not?
Me: really cancer as a zodiac sign is enough for me :P
Stranger: Lol :P
Stranger: Think about it though
Stranger: By the time we're 90, cancer would have been cured :)
Me: and you think with smoking you'll see yourself in 90's
Me: no offence
Stranger: Or 50
Stranger: There will be a cure for cancer :)
Me: how come you are so sure?
Stranger: Look at the last 50 years
Stranger: Logically, it will
Me: good if that happens
Me: good for you guys
Stranger: Are you scared to start smoking?
Me: no scared to die from a useless thing.
Stranger: Haha if you smoked, you wouldn't call it useless
Stranger: You're just too scared to try
Me: k i m scared 
Me: can we move to some other topic
Me: too much smoke
Stranger: Haha no, let's talk about this :)
Stranger: You need to learn about smoking and smokers at some point :)
Me: not interested seriously
Me: there's enough smokers around me
Stranger: Like who?
Me: like that girl who used to smoke after college hours now she's in hospital.
Stranger: Really? :/
Me: not lying!
Stranger: Haha I'm not that bad
Stranger: You're just considering the extremes
Stranger: Do you know any normal cigarettes?
Me: how many cigarettes you smoke per day?
Stranger: About 10 - 20
Me: that's too much lady!
Stranger: You would smoke more if you tried it :)
Me: i know its addicting that's y its better to be far away
Stranger: Haha no, its not that
Stranger: I started only recently
Stranger: I'm not addicted
Stranger: It just feels good, so you do it before getting addicted:)
Me: can u live without cigarettes?
Stranger: Definitely :)
Me: good! try that 7 days a week! :P
Stranger: I do :)
Stranger: I'm not addicted though
Stranger: Cigarettes don't addict you like that
Stranger: You should try it :)
Me: what difference would it make if i don't try it?
Stranger: You will never understand :)
Me: i won't! stop trying!
Stranger: You will one day :)
Stranger: Everyone does :)
Me: not everyone i know of
Stranger: Not yet :)
Stranger: You will later then
Stranger: But you might as well start sooner
Me: let'see then
Stranger: Let's see what?
Me: your hobbies apart from smoking
Stranger: Okay :) Only if you promise me something
Me: what that i would try smoking?
Stranger: Yeah :)
Me: k if that makes u happy
Stranger: You promise?
Me: yup!
Me: so your mission smokers completed?
Stranger: You know its bad karma to lie
Me: it's bad karma to be a bad influence
Stranger: I'm not being a bad influence
Stranger: How do you know smoking is bad?
Me: well doctors,
Me: tv is full of ads
Stranger: So you're going to believe an advertisement?
Me: doctors yes!
Stranger: Well then, you're the one who is missing out on life
Me: if i do what u say i'll b missing my life.
Stranger: No you won't
Stranger: You;ll be making it better :)
Me: you haven't come with a strong factual point yet
Stranger: And you haven't come with a personal point
Me: i am personal all d time
Stranger: No you're not
Stranger: You've never experienced the joys of smoking
Stranger: So you can't give a personal experience
Me: you give me your personal experience
Me: what smoking changed in your life?
Stranger: Everything :)
Stranger: How I act, the people I talk to, the respect I get, and the amount of pleasure my body experiences :)
Me: you think you are cool now because normally girls don't smoke,u talk to people who share the same interests with you like smoking,& u get respect from the same people
Me: is that so?
Stranger: No, its not
Me: your body may be feeling good now but not for too long
Stranger: Look around you 
Stranger: The smoking rate for girls in going up
Stranger: Here, its like 60%
Stranger: Up from 6% last generation
Stranger: There is nothing wrong with smoking :)
Me: it's a slow poison
Me: k doesn't it cause cancer?
Stranger: For now it does
Stranger: But the pleasure you get from cigarettes is amazing
Stranger: Why do you think so many people smoke if not?
Me: pleasure...k i get immense pleasure hanging out with friends being happy away from smoky life.
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